Decks can range from serving a no-frills practical function to being a decorative jewel atop an elaborate structure. But regardless of form or function, decks must not only look good…they must also be safe, up to code, and structurally sound.

Gorman Exterior Services makes sure all these boxes are checked. We are tenured specialists when it comes to deck renovation or new construction and adhere to a proven roadmap when approaching any deck project:

  • Assess Before hammering one nail, we complete a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of the existing structure. This assessment includes reviewing adherence to life safety requirements; checking additional code compliance; and examining the overall state of the deck
  • Verify We outline the scope of work necessary to rebuild or newly construct your deck. During this step, we’ll often work closely with an engineer as an extra layer of verification.
  • Collaborate – We work together on determining the best materials to be utilized in the project and make the best choice based on aesthetic, usability, and budget.

Whatever decking material you choose – and no matter the project scope – you can rest assured a Gorman Exterior deck will be beautiful, safe, and sound. We guarantee it.

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